studio 150 design provides a wide range of World Wide Web publishing services for businesses and individuals worldwide. As a Web Publishing service, we will create your web pages, complete with graphics, logos, and anything else you want in there. We will also act as the middleman in setting your site up on a commercial internet service provider (ISP) if you need one. We also offer Data Conversion Services, and Internet Consulting Services.

Studio150 design provides excellent creative services for both online and off line interactive projects whether it is the design of a website or CDROM. Consultation is provided for the site from start to finish – from the selection of a domain name and or ISP to the production and maintenance of the website. For samples of our web design work, view our portfolio.

Search Engine Optimization

Each website developed by studio150 design is optimized for basic search engine placement. However, for sites that have already launched, studio150 design can help increase the likelihood of your site being placed higher in search results of popular search engines. We also can provide marketing and advertising consulting for online advertising.

Identity and Logo Design

A company’s logo is often the most potent expression of its identity. Studio150 design offers identity and branding design services and work with companies to find the best visual representation of their image. After a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and market research, we will develop a series of visuals for the logo including color palettes and font selections. After a series of refinements studio150 design will deliver a final logo and, if desired, a guidebook for its application and usage.

Programming and Production Services

When the design of a site is complete, the work is then optimized and converted for use on the web. Studio150 design offers services in the coding of HTML, DHTML, XML and programming in ASP and PHP. More complex database design and development services are available as well for projects that require a more robust backend.

Information Architecture

Information architecture concerns the overall organization of the elements of a website. Often this is the most critical aspect of web development as it lays the foundation for the website. studio150 design offers consultation on the organization of websites as well as navigational flows and layouts.


Assistance in the development and editing of copy for your site can be done with studio150 design. Experienced writers and consultants are ready to provide expert advice for all types of projects from the launch of a website to a marketing campaign.

User Interface Design

studio150 also does interface design for software applications. This includes the design of all aspects of a software’s interface including windows, scroll bars, buttons, menu items and color palettes. Samples of screens from past projects are available by request.

Not all of our capabilities and skills are listed here so please contact studio150 design today to find out more about any of our services in more detail or to request a quote for your project.

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