What’s the process?
First we’ll chat a little bit about what you’re looking for with the design project. What are the objectives the audience, etc.? Who might the end-user be? We’ll really try to dig deep and gather as much knowledge as possible to determine the best solution. Then in the design phase, we’ll present and revise different compositions based on your feedback and ending with your approval on a final set of designs to begin production. After production starts, the design is translated into code for a website. After a couple more reviews of the alpha and beta sites and final approval the site is pushed live.

How much do you charge?
Each project is different so there is no one price that covers everything. Before a project is started, a design estimate will be submitted for approval. The estimate usually covers the site architecture, design work, production work, stock photography and illustration fees, and project management. Additional fees can be added for domain name purchase, web hosting and video editing. Please contact us for a quote for your project.

What happens after the website launches?
Studio150 can be available to maintain the website after it launches initially either on a monthly basis or on an as-needed basis.

Do you only work with people in the New York City area?
What’s great about the internet is that co-working and collaborating over the web is very easy. We’ve worked with clients from around the country and overseas.

Are you hiring?
No, we’re not hiring at the moment, but we’re always on the lookout to collaborate with other designers and developers on a freelance basis. Contact us if you’re a freelance designer or developer.

Have a question that’s not listed here?
Contact us to submit your inquiry or call us at 718-399-2101.

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